Creative Touch Designs was established around 1985 by its principal designer, Ellen Rozea’ Gunkel. I attended Scottsdale community college. After schooling, I worked in the field for over 25 years here in Arizona. I have an appreciation for the history of the decorative arts and how to create spaces that are timeless and classical. While working with clients with different color choices and style preferences, I learned how to make a unique look suited for their space. Using quality pieces creates longevity and classic designs give your space a timeless style, so enjoyed forever. We love making clients happy and this entails a lot of time, energy, and efficiency. We are dedicated to communication because making mistakes loses everyone money and most importantly, their valuable time. Our contractors are all licensed, bonded, and insured. DESIGN - To sketch an outline for a plan. Design is art. The art is displayed in a room or a space. Sometimes the picture begins with an empty palette or maybe a half empty pallet. Whatever the sketch is you need to fill it with balance, harmony, and aesthetics that are pleasing to the eye. We paint the picture! We create the mood. Wherever your dreams take you, we can create you a haven you'll want to come home to. Culture and style play a big part in your dream. You can create a Spanish Villa or a Mediterranean Palace. It truly is up to you. We take you to where your dream happens and where life begins. Your life and home are very much influenced by your dreams and without dreams nothing will flourish. Design, to some, is a form of expression and without it, the world would be very plain. Art lets generations appreciate the periods from the past to current designs that will someday be history.
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Our team can assist with all your interior designs needs. We can work alongside of you to ensure your ideas, and imagination are aesthetically balanced and translated into your own space.