Creative Touch Designs was established around 1985 by its principal designer, Ellen Rozea’ Gunkel. I attended Scottsdale community college. After schooling, I worked in the field for over 25 years here in Arizona. I have an appreciation for the history of the decorative arts and how to create spaces that are timeless and classical. While working with clients with different color choices and style preferences, I learned how to make a unique look suited for their space. Using quality pieces creates longevity and classic designs give your space a timeless style, so enjoyed forever. We love making clients happy and this entails a lot of time, energy, and efficiency. We are dedicated to communication because making mistakes loses everyone money and most importantly, their valuable time. Our contractors are all licensed, bonded, and insured. DESIGN - To sketch an outline for a plan. Design is art. The art is displayed in a room or a space. Sometimes the picture begins with an empty palette or maybe a half empty pallet. Whatever the sketch is you need to fill it with balance, harmony, and aesthetics that are pleasing to the eye. We paint the picture! We create the mood. Wherever your dreams take you, we can create you a haven you'll want to come home to. Culture and style play a big part in your dream. You can create a Spanish Villa or a Mediterranean Palace. It truly is up to you. We take you to where your dream happens and where life begins. Your life and home are very much influenced by your dreams and without dreams nothing will flourish. Design, to some, is a form of expression and without it, the world would be very plain. Art lets generations appreciate the periods from the past to current designs that will someday be history.
Thank you so much for working with us on our home projects. Personality and professionalism go a long way. You’re attentiveness to detail, color, texture, and material selection, as well as materials acquisition led the way to exactly what we were looking for. We are pleased with our window treatments and new flooring that you helped select for us. The end result speaks for itself.
Thanks again for everything!​

-Zoe and Tom

To whom it may concern;
I meant Ellen at a home show last fall. I liked the way she seemed to have lots of ideas for my living room. She came to my home and we walked the house to see the kind of style we had in the other rooms. After seeing the house, she came up with several ideas to complete the living room. She emailed several choices of furnishings and art and accessories and etc. We then decided on items. Ellen was easy to work with and her professionalism and ability to stay with my budget were excellent. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who needs some help from the beginning or just a little tweaking.

-Claudia Brown

​Ellen Gunkel did an excellent job creating exactly the style of window treatments I asked for.  She came to my home with many samples of fabric and design ideas. The measuring she did was spot on, and the treatments looked fabulous when they were hung. We had other designer create decorative window treatments, and we were not satisfied with those results. Ellen knows her business.​

-The Foulz

So nice to have someone that you can give your ideas to and they respond! Ellen from the beginning was terrific at not only the design
but the implementation, following from the start to the finish on all the contractors and supplies to ensure accuracy and quality. I cannot
thank her enough for all her help, and will always use her for our future needs.

-The Martins

​Ellen is fantastic!! I had a designer do my house and left me less than satisfied. I found Ellen at the home show and I had her come over.  She barely got in the door and said the room is out of balance and where is the WOW factors? I say, exactly!!! Without any further ado she leaped into action. Ellen rearranged furniture, identified problems, took measurements and changed layout of pictures. When  she left that day my room was balanced and she had a plan of action. Ellen worked hard and within a few short weeks and not much money she had made a transformation in my house that was beautiful. She is my superhero!
-Debbie Lewis

I take great pride in the reputation we developed over years of breathtaking design and service. Please take a moment to learn about the experiences people just like you enjoyed with Creative Touch Designs by Ellen working for them.

Creative Touch Designs by Ellen Testimonials

My husband and I have used Ellen for a wide variety of services.  She has picked paint colors, made a 20’ cornice box with functional side panels.  As well, she did the Roman shades throughout the house.  She did decorative cushioning in the dining area, plus the decoration of the plant shelves.  We have been impressed with the work and the cost.  We love getting good quality at a reasonable rate.  Ellen is pleasant and fun.  She likes to create what you want, not what she likes.  We give her name out all the time to people looking to improve their homes.  We highly recommend Ellen.​
-The Goodmans

Dear Ellen,
This is a long overdue letter to let you know how pleased and delighted we are with all the beautiful changes you made in our home.  Four years ago we met for a paint consultation:  one idea had lead to another and from one project to another we have worked to create a lovely, yet comfortable home.  As you know I travel a great deal for business and I always look forward to coming home to the warmth and comfort you designed for us.  We are grateful for your talent and your continued friendship.

With warmth,
-The Rabenowitz

​Ellen is a very talented interior designer that will guide you through the decoration of your home with ease and fun.  She has helped me decorate 2 home is Scottsdale since 2001.  My first home was contemporary with Southwest overtones and she did a beautiful job coordinating the colors of the faux painting throughout our home.  Our second home is Spanish Colonial with the rich deep colors of the period and is a real show stopper.  Everything from the wall colors and widow treatments to the furniture and accessories are breath-taking.  We just love all of her ideas and the way our home is so inviting and comfortable.​
-Mary and Roger Ziegelmaier

Dear Ellen,
We recently moved here from California and needed help in decorating our home. We didn't have a clue of where to go for help in this area.  We found you on the web and we have been delighted with all your help.  Neither of us have had the time to dedicate nor do we have the talent or time to design a 5,000 square foot home.  I was worried that we wouldn't like having someone else decorate for us but we both love our home. You turned our house into a home.

Thanks again, 

-The Witzke's

I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in designing such a beautiful home for us.  Having relocated from California, the thought of creating a contemporary, desert friendly motif seemed overwhelming. You listened carefully to our hopes and needs and created a warm, unique decor that truly reflects our taste and environment.  I can't begin to tell you how many "wows" we hear as people enter our home for the first time.  Your designs demonstrate creativity and a sense of "uniqueness" that truly make our home special.  Your attention to detail sincerely impressed us.  Every minute detail was well thought through and orchestrated flawlessly.  The result is a home that's timeless and elegant. Once again, Ellen, a million thanks!  It was a pleasure working with you and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results.
-Larry & Simma Robbins

Ellen Gunkel is a highly imaginative, creative designer who has done wonderful work for me in my home in the Biltmore and now as I reside in Chile I find her creations are just as stunning in this setting as they were in the elegant South West setting of the Biltmore.  I highly recommend Ellen's sense of proportion and use of color to make a serene and comfortable setting with a great sense of appropriate panache.
-The Maccharrolli Family
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